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Karew Records To Release David Daughtry September 9

An effort to bridge the gap between the old and the new, transcending denomination, culture, and generations

PR — Off to a great start with his latest single, “God is Great (Leap!),” Karew Records newest artist David Daughtry is gearing up to release his self-titled CD David Daughtry Tuesday, September 9, 2014.

His highly anticipated self-titled release will include a mix of contemporary and traditional praise and worship music-from ballads and high-energy praise and worship songs to traditional and contemporary gospel, as well as songs with R&B influences to include “My Weapon,” another high-energy call and response praise and worship song that features Daughtry’s remarkable vocal calisthenics; a remake of the Winans classic ballad “How Can You Live Without Christ,” which features background vocals by actor/singer Chaz Shepherd (Set It Off, 7th Heaven, Dreamgirls); “You Are,” a contemporary worship song written by the album’s producer Jason White which features Daughtry’s mastery of higher register and falsetto vocals; and “When God Says No,” written by award-winning gospel artist Kurt Carr, which is a stripped down worship ballad featuring Daughtry and an organ. This song directs the listeners’ attention to Daughtry’s extraordinary vocal gifts as well as the message of the song. “It’s a message that challenges people, but it’s a message we need to hear,” says Daughtry. “We always want God to say yes to us, but we never know what he’s preparing us for or protecting us from, so when God says no, we need to make sure that we say yes.” The album also has up-tempo praise and worship songs including “Be Healed,” and “Great and Mighty.” “I Call Your Name” is a beautiful worship ballad featuring Daughtry’s soaring vocals,” and “He’s Able,” an upbeat, fun contemporary gospel song, written by Chaz Shepherd features gospel vocalist Keisha Renee, while “You Kept Me” is a youthful, contemporary gospel song with strong urban influences.

“I see myself as a very diverse singer,” says Daughtry. “I love and sing music in church and outside of church. I love the old, traditional gospel songs and contemporary gospel music and I wanted the album to capture everything that I do. Mostly, I want people to be lifted and encouraged by it and to feel the presence of God when they listen.”

With his new partnership with Karew Records, Daughtry is excited about the opportunity to expand the reach of his music ministry to a worldwide audience. “I have been blessed to travel as far as the shores of Africa and the islands of Turks and Caicos, spreading the gospel, but I believe there is so much more for me to do, both in ministry and my professional music career,” he says. “My goal is to bridge the gap between the old and the new, transcending denomination, culture, and generations. And as the Word says, I declare, that my eyes have not seen, nor have my ears heard, neither can my mind conceive of the good things that God has prepared for me. The best is truly yet to come!”